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ULM currently uses LiveText, a web-based subscription platform that students typically use to submit one project or assignment per online course. Students must pay for this subscription when they sign up for the portfolio; the price breakdown is below:

  • Standard: $115 – Five-year accounts (graduate programs)
  • Standard with FEM: $133 – Five-year accounts (undergraduate programs)
  • Renewal for one year: $30
Internship courses need to be completed during the fall and spring terms.
Field hours can be completed at the student's current school. If the student chooses to complete hours at a different location, they must sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the school-based mentor.
Students are given the option to write a dissertation or three research articles, and they must make their decision before the comprehensive exam.
The candidate discusses dissertation options with their major professor before comprehensive exams to arrive at a decision. There will be no differentiation based on dissertation options.
Students who choose either option are required to use a traditional dissertation defense.
Yes, you will need to inquire with your advisor on which credits are eligible to transfer. All transfer credit hours must be from a regionally accredited institution.

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